Appraisals For Your Items

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1. Take Clear Photos of Items :

a. Reduce image size to 4"x6" to 5"x7" image size/72 pixels per inch resolution (Standard web resolution) which should yield an image between 30-90kb per image for email and save as a "normal'" .jpg file***

2. Make sure there are pictures from all angles and sides, front and back. If it's a book take pictures of the title and copyright and printing information. Any other items take pictures of all markings or made by stampings.

3. Note any damage in the email, and take pictures of all damages, rips in books, bindings, chips on toys etc.

4. Provide contact information

This is NOT a formal appraisal and simply a brief write up detailing what we think is a ball park figure based solely on your photos and any information you provided and research we did.

Fair market value is defined as “what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller.” Fair market value is calculated by taking current and recent sales of similar items. Taking into account also the condition of your item. Keep in mind that even though we give an approximate value to your item, there is no guarantee that you will get that price when you try to sell the item. But it is a good starting point for you to use should you want to sell the item.

Your item may be worth $100.00 to one buyer, but it may be worth $200.00 to another buyer, based on what they want it for (to complete a collection), and how bad they want it.

Another thing to keep in mind as far as Fair Market Value, this is a fluid market, constantly changing. What your item may be worth isn't necessarily what it will be worth in the future. The Market Value on an item may go up or down. So if your item is worth $100.00 now, one year from now it could be worth $50.00 or it could also be worth $200.00 - basically there are no guarantees.