Books Car Brochures or Magazines

Wow I'm have been so unmotivated lately. I had a box no wait 3 boxes of car brochures I was supposed to scan and review and get into order for the website. Those boxes have been removed for now, I just couldn't get up the gumption to even scan them. Now I have some books that are looking at me from the top of my computer desk, I think they are waiting to be scanned now.

Now I've been told that more Ford Times Magazines that we have had been located in sorting through inventory and are being put in order by year and then month for scanning. Sometimes I know I get in a mood to scan and put stuff on the website, other times I look at stacks of books or magazines or boxes of car brochures thinking, not today. Then not this week, maybe next week, next thing I know it's next month and they are still sitting in the boxes.

I find it to be tedious at times but it has to be done. The scanning is a pain because first you have to find what in the book or brochure or magazine you want to scan so people will have an idea what's in it. Then scanning and naming the pictures. Then cropping and reducing them, then uploading them and logging them into my book of stuff that has to be put onto the website. And the thing is, when it's the same thing over and over like car brochures, it becomes a little bit monotonous after a while. Especially if it's the same make over and over with just a different year. Blah blah blah.

Books aren't so bad as long as they are in nice shape, we've had a few books that were really old, like 1910s that when I opened them to check out stuff to scan I noticed the binding was in rough shape and took it out of the pile of things to put on. Magazines aren't so bad, at least with them I can lay them flat and for the most part get decent scans to put on the product descriptions.

Another thing with the car brochures, for the most part they are in very nice shape, once in a while i get one with a dealer sticker on the front, or some mark or stain, so that one even though I have 5 more just like it, I have to scan that one separate and list it separately because the condition on it is different and it must be represented properly. I used to not appreciate the fact that when we were doing ebay there were sellers there that would pilfer our images and use them on their auctions. First off I did the work and you are using the images, second that is NOT the item you are auctioning and it's not fair to the buyer that you at least as far as I am concerned are falsely portraying your product. You should be using an image of your item, not mine. So that's when I started watermarking all of the stuff we had on ebay. I figured if they wanted to pilfer our images, at least we'd get some advertising out of it.

So scanning the car brochures is as monotonous as putting them on the website, it's now typing basically the same thing over and over again, ugh. But in the same breathe, it's easier because usually then I just have to copy and paste and just change copyright dates, page numbers and a few other things and not necessarily have to type everything over again. So it has it's good points and bad points.

I like putting books onto the website because it's basically cut and dry. Scans, and title, author, copyright information, what edition is it, ISBN number, or Library of Congress Catalog Card number, if it's a chapter book I will list the chapters, and condition. I always check all the books for pages with any writing or ink marks, creases, tears or stains or age discoloration. So I guess maybe right now I should be putting some books on, they are easy when I'm being lazy or tired.

Magazines are pretty much the same as books, title, issue and volume, date, pages, articles, scans and condition, hmm, maybe I should be putting magazines on now too. Postcards are cut and dry too, what is it, who's the maker and or publisher, is it used or not, if it's used postmark information and stamp, and condition. Gee maybe I should go through our postcards and put some postcards on the website.

I like putting the vintage ink blotters on too, those are easy, measurements, what's on it and is it used or not and condition, creases, tears, ink, stains, or discoloration. I guess a lot of the stuff is easy to put on the website it's the scanning I don't enjoy lol.

Or maybe I'm just not so motivated right now, and as I finish typing this I looked up and those darn books are still there looking at me, I wish they'd leave me alone, but if they don't harass me from up there, it probably won't get done.