Favorite Collectible I Found For Myself

From time to time I sit and think about collectibles and what people collect. There are the fads like the Beanie Babies that came in like a lion, but I haven't heard a thing about them in a very long time. I've seen them for years now at garage sales for next to nothing. I have always been a fan of Vintage Linen Postcards from the 1930's - 1950's. However I have one all time favorite that I found and I only own one right now and I'll never get rid of it. I will probably pass it down to my kids.

I was wandering around a flea market one day aimlessly walking row after row of tables on a great sunny, warm day. The crowd was large with families, vendors, older folks, quite a potpourri of people as there always seems to be at these venues. The smell of hot dogs, pizza, fried dough was in the air, and snow cones could be seen as well as big glasses of soft drinks and kids were seen being pulled in wagons.

We walked by a table looking for either Antique postcards or some vintage collectible books or maybe some vintage ink blotters. As you can see we like paper collectibles more so than glass or other items that are tougher to store and ship out.

So I'm looking at this persons table and under it and I see a little red book. It looks fairly old and has a small area on the front which buckles with a lock, and on the front cover it looks to be a diary. I'm not sure how that's going to go, I had never bought one before and a few that I had looked through were only partially done or didn't have much in them at all. So I open the little red diary up, and the first thing I noticed was the woman that kept this diary lived in a town less than an hour from where I lived. So right away that caught my eye.

Then I looked through the diary, she kept up with it faithfully everyday for three full years writing the events of her day or thoughts without missing a day. Holiday, birthdays, changing of season, current events and family. The best part of the whole diary was the time frame of her diary. She kept the diary from 1960 - 1963 , the first three years of my life, time I certainly couldn't remember on my own, times of the history of my life mostly written by historians with no feelings or emotions. So I could get the perspective of those times from a wife, mom and woman of that era.

She wrote about, her illnesses, she seemed to be a tad bit of a hypochondriac with some type of ailment everyday, first that was kind of annoying, but then I took it for what it was worth and it was entertaining trying to think of what might be wrong with her the next day. Being here in Western New York and the weather we have here, I could totally relate to her entries with the changing of seasons, the leaves changing to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows, and then falling from the trees, to the first snow, to being sick and tired of the snow and then the rebirth of spring.

I could see her son growing up during those three years that she kept this diary and how she dealt with them as a mom. I could actually relate to what she wrote about her husband and could almost picture them interacting as a couple during this time raising a child and trying to run a household back in the early 1960's. By the end of the diary I knew who her neighbors were and what the relationship with her neighbors was, her husbands business associates and his friends, and even what his daily routine was, like occasionally he'd go home from work to have lunch with her. The times her son was sick, holiday present she gave and received, problems paying bills to current events around the nation as well.

One interesting time in the diary was the Election (1961) and Assassination of President John F Kennedy in (November 1963), he was killed one month before the diary ended, so I got a big event in history written by an ordinary citizen in the diary as well. Her address was in the diary also, I think I was going to someday drive by there on one of our weekend drives but with kids, errands, and life in general, I've kind of forgotten about it, but now that I wrote about the diary here, it's rekindled my memory to maybe look into that.

I think the best part of it all is this diary was written daily by a woman that either needed or wanted to write down her thoughts, not for profit as in book form, but as a personal memento that she kept faithfully for three years of her life. She wrote the good and the bad, happy times and sad times, and even though she was by no means a professional writer, she made me feel like I was there. The best part each day was only a short paragraph but there was enough in those little paragraphs and the fact she faithfully wrote into the diary daily, that she didn't need to write any more than she did, short, to the point and easy to follow.

What a joy it was reading that diary, and how lucky I was to find one from someone from around here, and the for the time frame, the year I was born, so since I was born in March, I got the first two months of the year leading up to my birth. So since she was so close to here, when she wrote about that winter storm in the winter early 1960, I could only imagine my own mom 8 months pregnant waddling around big piles of snow. My mom has since passed away but reading that, I could kind of understand what my own mother was experiencing in 1960 as far as what technology was available, no microwave ovens, cell phones and coping the way this woman did.

I will always be grateful for that summer day that I wandered aimlessly around this flea market and saw that diary, and bought it, what a great read it was !