Shipping & Returns

1. We use the United States Postal Service for shipping.

2. All paper items are shipped out either first class mail, media rate mail. Mainly heavy items such as books will go out media rate mail.

3. All paper items will be shipped with a cardboard or other backing for secure shipping and other larger items and breakable items will be packaged with bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

4. Any item with reasonable cause can be returned for a full refund of the purchase price or if another item is in stock, for a replacement item.

5. Shipping is free for all orders only in the United States.

6. If you sign up for an account and decide to cancel out the order and cancel your account and none of your information will be saved in our data base. We only use your information for billing and shipping. If you would like to keep the account intact but remove the items in the cart that is okay too, you may wish to maintain your account for purchases in the future, that is also an option. If you do cancel out of everything, all your information is gone and we will not be contacting you.