Muscles Cars Were The Bomb

When I think about the cars of today, I think boring. I think that you can't tell a Chevy Impala from a Cadillac or a Lincoln Continental. Some cars look different like the Scion and you got your SUV's and Hummers but heck nothing beats a good old vintage Muscle car ! The 1960s and 1970s in my opinion were the best time growing up especially if you were a baby boomer and it was the time you were going to be driving soon, yikes look out everyone of your friends was buying muscles cars.

I remember a guy when we were growing up, he was about 6 years older than us, so we were about 12 and him and his friends were in their late teens, and he would turn the corner with his car and we could hear it before he got to the corner of the street, it was so loud just roaring and the tires squealing, you knew it was him before you saw him and when he'd stop the car in the middle of the street and just hit the gas pedal, everything would vibrate. He didn't even have a great muscle car, I think he had a Plymouth Duster but it was Jet Black and loud and at 12 we were awe struck.

Most of the Muscle Cars were by American Car manufacturers, Chevrolet, Ford, Buick, Dodge, Plymouth, GM, Oldsmobile, nothing beat a good old American Made Muscle car, matter of fact I think the term still used today is American Muscle. Everyone had their favorite, some people liked certain Makes, others it was all about performance and speed. I know I won't be able to list all the great American Muscle cars, but I will list the ones I remember growing up. The funny thing is have you noticed how some of the car manufacturers of today are making retro type cars that resemble the muscle cars from the past, some things will live forever and I think the muscle car from the 1960's and 1970's is one of them.

Many people collect the actual muscle cars and they go for big big money, I enjoy watching the Barrett Jackson Car Auctions from Arizona and just seeing the cars, learning about the cars, and hearing the history when they auction them. Some people collect literature like books and brochures on their favorite cars, hood ornaments, signs, and there are even jackets, we sold a jacket for a friend once, it was I believe for Scat Pack which was by Dodge and it went for a few hundred dollars, the jacket was from the 1970's.

Some of the cars I remember and I'll do it by make so I can keep track. Let's start with Chevrolet, the Chevy Chevelle SS, great car, one of my favorites.

The Chevelle SS

I like the 1970 - 1972 but I don't have a brochures for that those.

Then there were the Fords, the Ford Mustang Shelby was king there. I don't have a brochure for that one but I don't have a nice write on the Mustangs with info on the Ford Mustang Shelby and Carroll Shelby here. Carroll Shelby information page here

Then there were the Ford Mustangs that are still hot today. There were also the Buick Wildcat, Buick GS, I don't have any brochures specifically for the particular cars, but some are featured in our full line Buick car Brochures, like the image at the bottom of the listing for this. Buick Brochure.

The Mopar line of Dodges and Plymouths were awesome then. Those cars included the Challenger RT, Dodge Challenger TA, Dodge Coronet Super Bee, Plymouth Barracuda, where the purple Plum Crazy Cuda became famous, the Dodge Charger and so much more. Here are our Dodge and Plymouth brochures.

And lets not forget the Oldsmobile 442, that was a great car too. The Grand National and the GTO or GOAT, another great car. So you can see if you were a teen getting ready to drive then the options were endless.

Here are some pictures of brochures of some more muscle, I'm including these only because I like looking at them lol.

1964 Oldsmobile

1969 Buick

1970 Oldsmobile

1974 Dodge

And why did the muscle car era end, the gasoline crisis of the 1970s. They were gas hogs, big block engines, 8 cylinder beasts and gasoline "back then" was too expensive, can you imagine that now. It was the days of buying gas on odd and even days, depending on your license plates, go figure. Oh man I miss those days.