My Thoughts on Collecting

I got to thinking today that I need to start blogging on this whole collecting and collectibles hobby. Thinking back about fifteen years ago, all I collected then were my thoughts. I know that I had a hard time even doing that on certain days. Sometimes I think collecting actual physical items is much easier than collecting thoughts, at least it was for me. I had never collected anything before, or even thought about collecting and collectors for that matter. I had never been to an Estate sale, an auction and when I first starting learning about this whole subject there wasn't even an ebay. My husband was an avid collector before I met him but since marriage, a house and kids that has changed somewhat. Some of the reasons for that are financial and some of the time constraints for just day to day living, working and raising a family.Once I met my husband, and started spending time with him I started to see what collecting was about. I didn't really now anything at all about it, so I didn't understand how involved it could be. Some people do a ton of research in their perspective niche. Some people know what they collect and what the items are worth, then hunt them down.

Hunting down their items has become much easier with the internet. There are websites to look for your items, there is Craigslist, ads, auction sites. It is also much easier to research your items with the internet as well. Some things I find or have found at sales would have been a problem in the past, it might only have a manufacturers name on it or some other obscure marking on it that would have made it more difficult to research say at the local library. Now you can just plug in the manufacturers name and what it say (say a dinner plate) and search it that way, either a standard web search or sometimes an image search.

Some collectors collect certain things just because they love them, or appreciate their beauty, like art deco items, plates and the like. Some collect as a reminder of their youth, such as sports trading cards, someone could pull out there baseball cards from the 1950's or 1960's and look at the cards of players from their youth and remember sitting in front of the television with their mom or dad watching the players on the cards. Some collectibles are more of an investment such as coins, art work, and much more. Some collectibles can be very affordable like postcards, and some can be very expensive like old railroad items, cars, furniture.

Speaking of postcards linen postcards from the 1940's and 1950's are my favorite because of the style, brilliant colors and history they show. Below is an example of a linen postcard with nice color and history because of the great vintage cars of that era on it.

Well I guess I'll wrap this up by adding that I should probably end this here and conclude my first official blog entry. I could just go on and on about collecting but I don't want to bore you so much so you don't return. It was fun to do this entry and I hope you enjoy it.