Small Flood Cost Us A Few Collectibles

I posted the other day that there was a box of car brochures and some other items sitting by my computer desk that I never got around to scanning and a pile of books too. The books are still there, but the box was put in the basement for later scanning, my husband put them on the floor next to a wall while he's rearranging and redoing the basement.

Well the title says it all. We have a partially finished basement and there are many shelves there and tons of plastic bins with covers and other ways to store things that need to either eventually get sorted or scanned for either the website or sorted and priced for the co-op. After things for the website are scanned and put on the website they are placed in a bins and cabinets with drawers and all bins and drawers are labeled for easy finding and everything is safe in case there is a sale.

There are so many more things unsorted, unlooked through and in more bins and boxes that need to be gone through so we know if we are going to eventually try and sell them on the website, co-op, garage sale or just donate or get rid of the stuff, sometimes both.

The other morning after both kids were off to school, I decided to get an early start to my day and make the beds and grab the kids dirty clothes and head to the basement to do laundry, instead of first having a breakfast and doing the dishes, reversed the order from the other day and I don't know why.

I get down in the basement, weaving my way around bins and the like, put the laundry basket on the dryer and walk over to the wash basin because that's where the light is for that corner of the basement. Well walking was sort of the term, it was more like wading, I heard a splash, then another and looked down and saw water where water wasn't supposed to be.

I followed the water behind the washer and it went all the way along the wall over to the laundry chute where the bathroom towels end up from the second floor, my husband just put up new walls and baseboards along the walls and new tiles on the floor as well, with the wall I couldn't see anything, plus it was raining all morning and still very dark. My six year old asked me why it was so dark when I woke her up, so it was twice as dark in the basement.

So I went around the stairwell and to the other side of the basement and water was along that wall approaching the pool table, uh oh. Then I checked the other corner where the entertainment center was and there was water all the way past that to the little floor mats for the kids. So I figured might as well check the last corner where the pump is and dehumidifier is, wow more water, not good.

The pump wasn't running and we have a floating basement so the water was coming up from the seam between the walls and floor all the way around. Ran up the steps and paged my husband at work to call me ASAP, phone rings and I say, the basement is flooding, the pump isn't working and I'm going back down there to try and move as much away from the water as possible.

By the time my husband got home I had some of the important stuff away from the water or further away from the water and he got the pump going and we started wiping water and mopping and threw some boxes out that were soaked but at least they were empty.

However the one box of collectibles that I never got around to for scanning was wet on the bottom and everything had to be thrown out, the stuff was ruined, not a happy ending for those collectibles, and not in selling condition anymore.

The most important lesson I guess is just in case only because you never ever know what could happen at any given time, we have always kept and will continue to keep anything on the website or stuff worth good money or important stuff in water proof bins and high up off the ground on shelves, I'm so thankful that the stuff we did have down in the basement was all safely stored. I'm also glad my husband put tile flooring down but that we hadn't had the chance yet to buy the rug for the basement floor, that for sure would have been ruined. Did I mention that for the rest of this week, it's supposed to be cold, snow some and lows one night in the teens, so I guess flooding won't be an issue for the week lol.