Specialty Collectibles or Potpourri Collectibles

Some dealers of collectibles only deal or specialize in one type of collectibles, others like us deal in many different types of collectibles. There are dealers that only deal in sports collectibles, books, postcards, glass, art, automobilia which is car collectibles, stamps and more. Which way is better ?

I'm going to say that I really don't know which way is better for the dealer or for the buyer. I think it depends on many factors. I guess if you are a buyer or collector buying from someone who sells only the type of collectible that you are looking for might be more desirable for you. Although I don't know if that could be entirely true, we research everything that we have so that the items are priced correctly.

Then again, I did make a mistake on a book, we sell many vintage books, and I made the mistake thinking the same book type by a particular author during a particular era would all be the same, I was wrong. I had a book mark way too low, and of course it sold, nice buy for that customer. I had it marked oh let's just say about $40.00 too low, a bit of a hit for us. It was my fault on that one, so tough luck on me.

Then again if you look it from that point of view, if I have something marked too high, it just won't sell so I should really make sure I do my homework, making my collectibles possibly a better option because quite frankly I might have something marked low and you get a great find, and if it's marked too high, you would do like I do, shake my head and move on to a better buy.

When we go to the co-op and I look around, there are cases with only one type of collectible. I see some cases with glass products only, Knives, toys, stamps and sometimes when I look at those cases I get overwhelmed. Then I look at cases with a lot of different items like ours and I like them more because it's not the same thing over and over again.

Then again I'm interested in looking at many different items and I like to see how they present their items. When we put things in our case we have many different types of collectibles in it, but we also try and keep like items together in a group and not spread about the entire case.

Some of the types of collectibles we have in our website are: Vintage Books, Antique Car Brochures, Military Collectibles, Vintage Postcards, Vintage Ink Blotters, Nascar Collectibles, and many different car makes and models of car brochures.

Our best sellers are probably the Vintage Books, Military Collectibles, and Car Brochures. We have many different types of car brochures from many different eras so we broke them down into Makes of Cars. Such as Buick Car Brochures, Cadillac Car Brochures, Chevrolet Car Brochures, Chrysler Dodge and Vintage Plymouth Brochures, Ford Car Brochures, Ford Mustang Car Brochures, Oldsmobile Car Brochures, Pontiac Car Brochures.

I'm still not sure which way is better, specializing or being diverse, I prefer being diverse at least when I'm putting stuff on the website. After scanning and looking through and putting 50 or so car brochures on the website I get Car Brochured out. That's when I'll get a box of our postcards and go through them and pull 50 different postcards and start the scanning process again.

So I'm guessing it's all up to you the collector which type of site you prefer, as someone who actually has to scan, load the images, do the research and type it all in, I prefer some change of pace.

However I do like looking through the Antique Car Brochures, a nice blast from the past.