What Friends Told Me About Collecting

I asked some friends and casual acquaintances what they collect and asked them for additional information after I found out what they collected. I was interested in knowing what they collected, where they got the items from and if they displayed them or not. Here are some of their responses. I'm not going to use their names or locations but give you a general edited version of what they sent me back.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bells

I started collecting belles when we were on our honeymoon in Bermuda.
I got a lot of them in my travel and I try to buy a bell in each town that I visit.
The last time I counted I was up to 123 bells not 1 the same.
I do not display them I only keep them in my cabinets and my visitors enjoy seeing them when they come over.
I even had one that was especially made for me in Ethiopia.
They did not have any but we made them a picture of what it looked like and they made one.

Victorian Dolls

I have collected since I was just a kid. Several were bought when K-Mart had them every year for Christmas. Have found them at Good Will. Have found them at flea markets. I have three that are of early 1920 or so handed down from family. They are guest bedroom on display. Not a collector for money just see one that may have a dress or face I enjoy and my pleasure. Some are small but a couple are about 3 ft tall. Beautiful gowns on them. lol I'm living in the wrong century. Just love the clothes and jewels.

Wizard of Oz

I have some vintage-I get most of the items at flea markets or thrift shops. I collect all the characters, but tin man is my favorite. It starts out quite random. My granddaughter loves the movie also. I found out that there is an Oz Fest where Frank Baum was born. It is yearly so we went one year and it was awesome. They have a parade and real actors from the movie. The last time was 2 yrs ago we met the coroner. The roads are yellow brick and the gift shop is everything wizard of oz. That's where I made my first purchase, an original poster with a Kansas lottery ticket with the characters on it.


Vintage & new Since 1984 some have been gifts but most I just come across where ever one catches my eye. I don't know how many I have probably less than 30. I have them all around the house I have everything, figurines, wall hangings, boxes with angels on them.

Shot Glasses

Started collecting about 9 or 10 years ago. Picking up new ones from different places that my son and I went or if someone went somewhere they would get me one. Someone got me one from Germany. My son built a shelf in school so I put that up in the kitchen and have about a dozen displayed on that. The rest are in a cupboard, but it is just a fun thing to do.

Hummels, Clowns and Key Chains

Hummels were always gifts for BD-Xmas, etc. Clowns were collected through QVC. Recipes from people & Internet. And I also use to collect key chains from anyplace I went. Hummels & clowns were both displayed til kids broke the figurines (those aren't cheap), Key chains were hung on pegs in the kitchen.


Mostly just lighters that catch my eye. Not sure how many I have. Both butane and fluid. One of my favorites is a Flintstones lighter.


Hey Linda ~ I prefer the vintage (linen & real photo post cards) standard sized cards over the newer (chrome) continental/modern sized cards. Been collecting for probably 10-15 years. I currently have them listed in an excel spreadsheet, and stored in postcard boxes. My plan is to display them online on a website. I was interested in lighthouses before I started collecting. Someone at work turned me on to stamps with lighthouses (still have the stamp he gave me at work), which led to postcards. I like the older postcards because they show a view that is typically different than what you see today (landscape changes due to time, development, etc). I buy the cards wherever I find them - flea markets, antique malls, eBay, private sellers, etc. Duplicates I sell on my website and on eBay. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.