where Did cocomilkcollectibles Come From

So where did cocomilkcollectibles come from anyways ? Back in roughly 1996 or 1997 is when cocomilk came to be before it transformed into cocomilkcollectibles. cocomilkcollectibles is a collectibles website that deals not with cocoa, coco, or milk. The original cocomilk wasn't so much into selling collectibles as a hobby as much as a bidder on ebay, that didn't sell or auction anything.

Way back when at the time that ebay was first starting out, my husband was a buyer only. Looking for items to get for his collections, basically sports trading cards, and some football game day programs, and Rochester Red Wing Baseball memorabilia.

There was a retail place of business that we were in that had a bunch of displays. One of the displays was a band that played pretend music for kids and adults that were young at heart. All of the " band members " had names. One of the band members was Rich Milk. My husbands name is Richard and he drinks milk by the gallon. We could own a cow and the poor cow would have trouble keeping up.

That night he decided to make an account on ebay and was going to need a user name. He tried using Rich Milk since it fit him so well, unfortunately the user name Rich Milk was already taken by someone on ebay. So he tried cocomilk. That wasn't being used and was available. He looked at me and we were both thinking, you love milk and you love chocolate, go for it. So the next thing I know he has an ebay account with the name cocomilk.

For a few years all he did was use the account as a buyer of mostly sports collectibles for his collections. It was so new and you could search from the comfort of your own home that he got the ebay thing quickly. As time went on we started selling a few things here and there on ebay to make ends meet. We were both working at the time on the midnight shift so we didn't have a ton of time to put into it then. The more we did the ebay thing the easier it got and it was an easy way to make a few extras dollars to help with bills or unexpected emergencies.

So of course we got a bit silly doing estate sales, auctions, garage sales, thrift stores and more buying stuff for cheap and putting it on ebay. Then one day a friend of my husband who doesn't even know how to turn a computer on and never ever and still doesn't own a computer asked us to put stuff on ebay for him and he'd give us a percentage of the sales for the work we did.

After doing ebay for a while I learned how to watermark our pictures because I found people were using our pictures of our stuff to sell their stuff on ebay. Which to me is not right, the pictures of items you are auctioning on ebay or selling on your website should be images of the actual product.

So after doing ebay for a while, the same friend got some WWII German Military memorabilia that we could not by rule sell on ebay, because of some international something or other. So I checked around and saw that it was possible to start your own website. Since we had a bit of a following on ebay with repeat customers we figured if we used cocomilkcollectibles some past customers could at least relate to the name.

At least with the website, you put stuff on when you feel like it, and don't have to pay additional fees to put stuff on at prime time if you aren't available. On the auction site, it was fees to put stuff on, fees for extra pictures, fees for paypal, fees on a percentage of the final price, etc. And then you paid whether your stuff sold or not, at least here on the website, I put it on and forget about it, if it sells it does, if it doesn't it's there and someone in the future might someday find it.

So that is how the name cocomilkcollectibles came about - from cocomilk at ebay and my husband (Rich's) loves for milk but Rich Milk not being available as a user name cocomilk was born and evolved from there.