Whole New Batch Of Vintage Car Brochures

Just finished going through the boxes of Vintage car brochures we found at the Northeast Car Show in Carlisle Pennsylvania. Some of the brochures are your standard Full Line brochures for various Makes.Others are specific makes and models. Many brochures are from the 1970s and 1980s with Buick, Ford, Dodge, Plymouth, GM, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Oldsmobile and more including some foreign makes.

There are also some items I'm not familiar with so I'll be doing some research in the coming days. Some of those items include a brochure for the 1957 X-Ray Compares the low priced cars with Official Facts. The 1959 X-Ray. A Customs Illustrated from July 1961, a 1960 Buick Preliminary Chassis Service Manual, a revised 1981 Suzuki GS400 Service Manual.

Some of the neater things in the boxes that I personally like is the 1954 Owners Guide Diesel Models 620-980, 1954 GMC Owners Guide Models 620-670, 1954 GMC Owners Guide Models 400-470, 1950 Ford Passenger Car Owners Manual.

A couple of The New Thompson Repair and Tune Up Manuals for the 1948 Kaiser Frazer and Crosley, 1948 Thompson manual for the Studebaker Vol 15, 1948 Thompson for the De Soto Vol 5, 1948 Thompson for the Passenger Car Series Oldsmobile Vol 11, a 1948 Thompson for the REO Studebaker Heavy Duty Series Vol HD 8, and Heavy Duty Chevrolet Vol HD 3, there are a lot more.

I think so far my favorite is a 1937 Automobile Digest from November 1937. I love the old ads and great look of the literature make then.

Well I better go to work, not my favorite part but it is a part of the process. Go travel and buy the items. Get home and sort through what is good and what is damage or not worth keeping. Then categorizing them, then researching all of the items that I'm not familiar with, then finally scanning and putting them on the website.

As long as I get a game plan of how to proceed and then actually stick to it, it should hopefully go well.

Hope you have a great day, Linda